Place of Dragon Spirit

In the special regional background of the century's Olympics, Master Li Zuyuan has used the profound geomantic omen philosophy, and combined the dragon totem organically with the traditional five-element theory of China. Pangu Plaza is just like a great dragon lying and leaping there, connecting the stars in the sky above and the Chinese capital city below, using the 0riental architecture language to express a profound international residential philosophy.

Across the street, Pangu Plaza is opposite to Bird Nest and Water Cube: the earthshaking avant-garde building forms a pleasant contrast with the classical land markers of oriental temperament; moreover, it merges into one with the large Olympic Green Area and the Dragon Lake. The favorable geographical position of the Asian Games and Olympics facilities has offered it a special atmosphere: here, you can both enjoy the superexcellent air quality and natural landscape, and taste the pulsation of the modern metropolis. Thus, a comfortable green ecosphere and noble life circle has come into being. It is just in the background of the precious natural ecological environment that the high-end life of Pangu has shown a great sense of advantage in quality.