Pangu Residences

Pangu Residences signifies a bold concept in modern living. Set within the sprawling complex of Pangu Plaza, the three residential blocks present an exceptional buying opportunity with a limited collection of flats. With the majority of layouts boasting 680m2 of living space and a notable ceiling height of 3.75 meters, the Residences offer incredibly spacious living quarters. Based on Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, the principle layout design follows the traditional Lo Shu Square – an orderly format of 3 grids arranged horizontally and vertically. The clear layouts and refined simplicity not only reflect the values of Chinese Zen, but also ensure maximum use of space and allow the property to bask in natural light from east to west. Every flat enjoys superb views of the historically and culturally important site of the Olympic Green, with ceiling-to-floor windows overlooking the architectural splendours of the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube.
Fusing together Oriental soul and Western technologies, every home of Pangu Residences is furnished to complement your lifestyle, offering an exceptional experience of cosmopolitan living. Each flat is firnished to a high standard and is equipped with cutting-edge home systems. Pangu residents can also enjoy a wide array of amenities and services: an office building, a world-class hotel, international restaurants, a luxury clubhouse, a state-of-the-art gym and a future high-end shopping mall. Pangu Residences undoubtedly stands above other developments in the capital as the leading Residences, providing a model for future living standards.

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