Pangu Dragon Corridor

Pangu Dragon Corridor has drawn the cultural pith of the Forbidden City's "Thousand-Step Gallery", combining the oriental soul with the occidental technology, and linking the present to the past.. The Dragon Corridor runs a staggering length of 411 meters and is supported by a total of 66 symbolically-charged dragon pillars. The awesome scale of the corridor captures an unrivalled sense of modern grandeur, and directly engages with the city space. Above the Dragon Corridor, the colorful and magnificent modern light effect shines together with Water Cube and Bird Nest. All the pillars are crowned with exquisitely carved dragonheads with 3-meter-high pearls in the mouths Each dragon head is made of a mono-bloc granite as heavy as 50 ton through careful carving. The design is an homage to the legacy and profound cultural meanings of the Dragon - a symbol of power, an emblem of luck, and the embodiment of beauty and fortune. The Dragon Corridor will be presented as a multi-level shopping mall adjoining the Pangu Residences and the Pangu Seven Star Hotel. Along the corridor, exclusive boutiques will be housed within the 15-metre high and 13-metre wide enclave, offering one of the most exciting commercial and retail opportunities in the capital, and building up the No.1 Business Corridor of the wolrd.