Pangu Courtyard in the Air

The twelve magnificent Courtyards in the Air are no mere penthouses – they are contemporary palaces that embody the summit of luxury. Sitting atop the residential towers at the height of 85 meters, they offer a unique concept and the ultimate experience in fine living.
Each Courtyard combines three key ingredients that make for a truly substantial property: a leading architect, a highly desirable location, and dazzling views of the surroundings.
Inspired by traditional architectural elements of Beijing’s courtyards, the Courtyards in the Air majestically update and transform Chinese classic living habit. On a grandiose size of 775 m2, each house is laid on two storeys and is south-facing with wing rooms in all four directions. The central courtyard, where sunlight abounds, rests below an electric mobile glass-roof that opens up to the sky. Stunning views of the skyline are also a constant reminder of a location at the heart of one of the greatest cities in the world. All houses are equipped with a private elevator and a lavish swimming pool, creating a paradise of serenity and privacy. In short, the stately interior bridges together the remarkable history and the modern potentials of courtyard-living. The result is exceptional.
Living in such a magnificent scene, we can feel the great charm of the new core of the new Beijing all the time. With the Chinese-styled residential philosophy and the internationalized extraordinary prospect, Courtyard in the Air has become a bridge linking the extraordinary historic stories to the potentials of modern yard life.